Poutini Press use the following criteria to select manuscripts:

Publishing Standard Indicators
The content shall showcase the West Coast or West Coast talent
  • Content is on the West Coast, i.e. topics, people, places, landscapes, history, culture, and/or
  • Written, designed or compiled by West Coasters, e.g. West Coast design, photography/art work, activities.
Quality of manuscript and illustrations is high
  • The text is in digital format.
  • The text is deemed by the Trustees and from Friends’ feedback to be worthy and of high quality.
  • At most the text should only require light content edit and a copy edit
  • Authors shall supply high quality illustrations in either hard copy or digital form.
  • For books or topics that are historical or draw on existing published material, the book should be accurate and well researched with referencing of information sources.
  • Content is well written and accessible to the target market.
The publication is economically viable
  • Authors are able to demonstrate a market for the publication, and/or
  • The Poutini Press assesses that the publication is likely to make a profit

If a manuscript does not meet the above standards but is deemed to have strong market potential, Poutini Press may work with an existing author to bring it up to the standard required. However, this may depend on the volunteer hours required and available from the Poutini Press.